For a flexible carton industrial printing and marking solution, take a look at the Linx CJ400. With the Linx CJ400 codes can be changed quickly, without the need for lengthy set up procedures. The inkjet coders print up to 3 lines of information, such as text, dates, and logos from 1.8mm – 8.8mm high, making it a versatile printing solution for a range of industries. The optional carton coding message style prints one line, 20mm high, making the Linx CJ400 suitable for both primary and secondary coding where human-readable codes are required.

CJ-400 / Inkjet Coder

Learning more about
Inkjet Coders


Inkjet coders are used for many coding and printing operations. There are two basic types of inkjet coders; Small character ink jet coders used for marking bottles with expiration dates and/or batch or lot numbers and Large character inkjet printers generally used to print product information on boxes. There are now 300 dpi large character ink jet printers that can print barcodes directly on corrugated boxes with 99.7% readability.

Inkjet Coders are used for:

Printing onto plastic bottles, plastic tubing, expiry dates on vials and glass jars, top and bottom coding on jars, wine bottle label printing