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Inkjet coders print up to 3 lines of information, such as text, dates, and logos from 1.8mm – 8.8mm high, making them a versatile inkjet coder for a range of industries. The industrial inkjet coders are often reffered to as bottle coders or date coders due to their ability to easily integrate into most conveyor lines and print time, data and expiry dates onto bottles or other product types.

The CJ-400 inkjet coder has an easy to use color touch screen has intuitive on-screen prompts and large message storage of 1,000 typical messages which can be backed up using the USB port.

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Radically different from other industrial inkjet coders. It's the easiest printer to use and maintain, the most portable and offers unmatched small character printing reliability.

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The Linx inkjet coder is capable of printing up to 3 lines of information such as: lot codes, expiry dates, times, text and other data onto almost any porous or non-porous surface

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